Privacy Policy & Terms

Last Modified: 12/20/19


Send Az Email is constrained and limited to Google’s architecture. Limitations include quotas, adhering to add-on development policies, terms, guidelines, and best practices. Since Google is always improving their architecture and since some of these changes may affect this add-on, you agree that you may have unexpected interruptions.


I care about the confidentiality and privacy of your data and are fully committed to protecting it. The only time I collect any user data is during the purchase process, where I will ask for billing/contact information and an email or domain name to use for licensing. Occasionally I will send out invoices or announcements about Send Az Email using the information collected. In-app credit card payment processing is done through, and information entered onto their site is subject to their Privacy Policy. Purchase orders are are processed using a Google Form and that information will not be sold or used for 3rd party marketing.