Purchase / Renew


Header watermark is added to all emails except the first 3 sent each month. No premium features will be added.


Header watermark will be removed for all emails, and premium features will be added as they become availible.

Individual ($20/yr)

A individual license will white list a single email address either @gmail.com or gSuite.

Domain ($10/user/yr)

The cost is $10/yr per Estimated User with a $100/yr minimum. A discount is given for every 10 users.

A Domain license will white list every user within a domain, and an Estimated User is any user you would expect to be using Send Az Email on a regular basis. If you are a school students are not counted.

For example, if you are a school with 50 teachers 500 students, and you only expect 15 of those teachers to use Send Az Email. Then your Estimated User Count is 15 and your cost per year would be $150/yr plus a $10 discount for being over 10 users.

  • Google has a send quota for Add-ons of 100/day for @gmail.com accounts and 1500/day for gSuite accounts.
  • All emails free and licensed includes a Sent by Send Az Email footer.
  • Purchases are made from inside the add-on.
  • Credit cards accepted: Send Az Email uses the service Stripe to process credit cards
  • Purchase Orders accepted: Select Purchase Order when completing the in-app purchase/renew form.